N. Melnykova

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Abstract. This paper proposes ways of personalization the process of analysis and management of financial flows of the company that provide definition of strategy for business development. In order to ensure the individual approach have been analyzed the methods of optimization of for making strategic decisions and have been identified peculiarities of their application in this area. This allowed to determine several measures to provide for dynamic changes that occur in the financial condition of the company under the influence of implemented solutions and select the most appropriate decisions to change strategy. For successful implementation, the search of strategy should to provide an individual approach to determining the quality of finances management by taking into account the personal data of activity the company. The modern concept of use of computers and information technology and implementation the expert knowledge provides for the creation of intelligent information systems in specific subject areas: management, audit, statistics etc. Therefore, for solving the basic problems is proposed development of intellectual information system of financial management, which will offer the user optimal options, making for strategy development through intellectual component. As the prototype of such a system is the intelligent information system of financial management (IISFM) that is characterized by a set of informational, technical, programmatic and technological means of telecommunication, knowledge bases and data banks, methods and procedures.

Key words: decision support system, personalized approach, financial management, intellectual system of financial management, personalized of financial data.

Using of personalized approach for assessment of the financial condition of the company

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