K. Wróbel, S. Styła, A. Sumorek

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A b s t r a c t . This article presents the use of GIS system for the construction of a hydraulic model in the network enterprise. The model has been built on the basis of data associated with the objects existing in the network and with their spatial relations. The data describing the network objects are usually transferred from existing technical documentation. The local stocktaking of networks is carried out in case of any doubts regarding data update status. The preparation of properly processed data, as well as verifi cation of their correctness while entering them into a database is the most diffi cult and labour consuming phase of network modelling. A properly confi gured network model should incorporate at least the following features: the possibility to perform comprehensive analyses of the existing system functioning as well as analyses of the system modernization and extension variants in order to optimize technical solutions.

Key words: GIS, hydraulic model, bit map, vector map.

Use of GIS systems in the construction of hydraulic model of networks

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes