N. Boyko

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Abstract. In this paper, description of a concept of cloud storage is offered. One of the most practical methods of storing required information to cloud storage is also considered. Method of creating screenshots is proposed. Theoretical research is carried out and there are justified advantages and disadvantages of different methods of storing information in social networks. The best technique of creating screenshots has been practically implemented. Problems that might come up while working with approach given in this article and its solutions are stipulated. There is analyzed a necessity of setting a zoom parameter which is to transfer after transmitting size value of the picture in social networks. In the article the parameter that specifies the width of the final image and clearly affects the quality of the image is also considered. There is analyzed the effectiveness of creating an information system that saves time for such information processes as tracking the photo and its comments. In the paper the task of changing bets, which are not immediately fixed in social networks is optimized. Also there is implemented in practice a scalability problem of information processes in social networks. In the article a separation of the script is also put into practice. One part of which directly performs the request of image and downloads it to cloud storage. With help of another part the information process is transmitted on the photo where the user identifies.

Key words: information process, script, information system, cloud storage, screenshot, cloud service, application programming interface, software.

Use of a cloud storage for implementation informational processes

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes