N. Boyko, P. Mykhailyshyn, Y. Kryvenchuk

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Abstract. In this paper, description of a concept of cloud storage is offered. Cloud data storage is a model of an online storage where the data is being stored in multiple, divided between network servers that are provided for clients’ usage, mostly by a third-party company. The majority of the cloud storages (as opposed to file-exchangers) are offering almost boundless set of functions for free, by only limiting the size of the available storage (mostly a couple of gigabytes). Integrated data mining is being used for extracting potentially useful information from unprocessed data. The methods of data analysis are quite important with cloud computing. The implementation of the methods of integrated data mining inside the cloud will let the users receive the helpful information from non-structured or half-constructed web data sources. The main purpose of this work is to organize huge diverse data coming from different sources into clusters, depending on the type of data.

Keywords: information process, cloud computing, information system, cloud storage, data cloud, cloud service, cluster approach, clustering.

Use a cluster approach to organize and analyze data inside the cloud

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes