I. Oleksiv, I. Shpakovych

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Abstract. The given paper presents the results of the research of the entities that manage share institution with joint investments and take part in its formation and functioning, in particular Management Company, Monitoring Council, investors, and an investment consultant was offered as an additional participant at the financial market. It was determined that there should be the licensed activity, the result of employing: the increase of the liability and objectivity of the regulation’s expertise of the investment fund, minimizing risks for investors that will help to provide more effective investment process. The general system of the state regulation of the activity of such funds at the financial market was described , interrelations between the subjects of the investments, the order of taking decisions was set to define the strategic aims and choose appropriate investment projects, the direction of the financial and property assets. Their place in the given system as interrelations was characterized. Types of the information streams between the subjects of the investment fund were defined and described their interrelations. Every subject’s functional purpose was determined, and also the typical functions for share institutions with joint investments, namely general-social and protective function for investors’ economic interests, informational and regulating. The general level and the tendencies of current investment market in Ukraine were examined, taking into the account international experience and the dynamic of internal market, further recommendations are attached on the improvement of regulatory basis of the financial market for extending types of investment funds and financial instruments for engaging as many investments into the Ukrainian financial market as possible.

Key words : share institutions with joint investments, investors, Мanagement Сompany, supervising committee, investment consultant.

Types of interrelation and information streams between the bodies of formation and management share institutions with joint investments

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes