M. Buczaj, A. Buczaj

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A b s t r a c t . The work environment in a grain mill is associated with the occurrence of many hazardous and troublesome factors at this work. However, the most important hazardous factor occurring in the work environment in grain mills is grain and fl our dust. The aspiration and fi ltration systems applied in mills frequently do not provide proper protection for workers. The objective of the study was to present the assumptions of a complex system controlling the level of dustiness in a grain mill. LabView environment has been used for the building of such system. The acquisition of parameters was carried out basing upon the information and signals received from the sensors supporting the measuring cards. The actual as well as archived parameters occurring in individual rooms can be displayed on the computer screen via the built-in interface.

Key words: control and supervision systems, LabView environment, grain dust, grain-mill, Maximum Allowable Concentration (MAC),

The use of labview environment for the building of the grain. Dust control system in grain mill

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