J. Majcher

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Summary. The paper presents the problem of climate control in interior spaces. It discusses the parameters that affect the well-being of users of such a space. The parameters that affect the users comfort include temperature, humidity or the content of CO2 in the air. In order to ensure the optimum microclimate parameters, a control algorithm is proposed which uses a sensor of microclimate parameters. To confirm the validity of the proposed solution, a laboratory model was built on the basis of the EIB/KNX system. The model was equipped with the available input and output modules (respectively sensors and actuators), which are responsible for the individual microclimate parameters. The parameters of the installation were selected in such a way that the feeling of comfort provided conformed to the applicable regulations.

Key words: microclimate, integration, automation, control, KNX/EIB.

The use of automation components to ensure adequate microclimate in rooms

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes