L. Vankovych

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Summary. The paper presents the results of the research and evaluation of the factors influence the diffusion of the enterprise innovation activity results. The author singled out: market volume of the diffusion object, market diversity, the level of market competence, the character of the object of diffusion, the quality and price of the object of diffusion, the level of development of market communications, the level of development of the management system of the enterprise-diffuser, the level of information safety development, the level of enterprise-diffuser creativity. The application of expert method (the method of the immediate evaluation and the method of pairwise comparisons) we have evaluated the validity and dimension of these factors influence on the process of diffusion. The results were statistically analysed using the program Statistica 8.0. Taking into account processed data of expert evaluations we have built a classification of the above mentioned factors influence the diffusion of the results of enterprise innovational activity according to the characteristics of the influence power, the environment of appearance, character and the ability to regulate.

Key words: diffusions of the enterprise innovational activity results, the factors of influence, expert method, the classification of the factors.

The Research of the Factors Influence the Diffusion of Enterprise Innovational Activity Results

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes