Ye. Fornalchyk, A. Bilous, I. Demchuk

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Abstract. The article dwells upon possibilities of the implementation of smooth calculation methods for predicting the demand for passenger transportation. The developed model which is based on fuzzy logic successfully solves the problem with traffic assignment – formation of passenger throughput for each traffic route. The model of correspondence takes into account such defining factors as fare on the route, average headway on it and fullness of the vehicle saloon. Different combination of these factors forms attractiveness as a criterion of an optimal route for a prospective passenger. It is determined that the lower saloon fullness, transportation fare and headway, the higher attractiveness is. Using the reasoned criterion, it is possible to allocate the total number of prospective passengers according to each existing route.

Key words: fuzzy logic, transportation correspondence, membership function, basis of fuzzy rules, route attractiveness.

The Model of Correspondence of Passenger Transportation on the Basis of Fuzzy Logic

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes