О. Brovarets

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Abstract. Modern agriculture foresees the implementation of a particular technological operation, according to the appropriate map-task, which is developed pre-based on diverse information. Knowledge of a certain structure of soil cover variability, obtained using information and technical systems of local operational monitoring of the agrobiological state of agricultural lands, allows us to adopt effective operational decisions for efficient management of agrobiological potential of agricultural lands.

Obviously, under such conditions there is a need for fundamentally new approaches to agricultural production, which is to ensure the proper quality of technological operations. The quality of the implementation of technological operations is an integral indicator of the efficiency of production of agricultural products within the agrobiological field. The necessary quality of implementation of the basic technological processes in plant growing is provided by the integrated information and technical systems of operational monitoring of the agrobiological state of agricultural lands.

This opens new prospects for organic farming using such smart agricultural machines. In connection with it the task is to obtain reliable data on the agrobiological state of the soil environment by reducing the error in determining the magnitude of the electrical conductive properties of the soil, providing individual stabilization of the working electrodes and the mechanism of lifting / lowering the working electrodes, copying inequalities of the soil environment, reducing the intensity of the destruction of the soil structure, selfcleaning of the working contact of the electrode and ensuring the stability of the electrical contact of the electrode with the soil, by instrument design perfection. The task is achieved by using the information and technical system of operational monitoring of the soil environment of the structure to determine the conductive characteristics of the soil environment.

The purpose of the research is to determine the critical loading at the loss of stability by thin-walled working electrodes made in the form of working electrodes of various shapes (thin-walled solid, three-spit and four-spindle discs with different thickness of the rim). The information and technical system of localoperational monitoring of agrobiological state of soil environment of different configurations with one-side compression.

Keywords: information and technical system, local operational monitoring, soil, samples, variability, size, research.

The Method of Calculation of the Specific Electrical Conductivity of the Soil Obtained be the Information and Technical System of Local Operational Monitoring of the Agrobiological State of Agricultural Land

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