G. Zaguła, C. Puchalski, M. Czernicka, M. Bajcar, B. Saletnik, M. Woźny, E. Szeregii

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Summary. This paper presents an influence of three different magnetic fields stimulation systems for growing strawberry fruits: permanent magnetic field generated by neodymium magnets, ”high” strengths slow varying amplitudes magnetic fields generated by coreless solenoids supplied by autotransformer and low-frequency and low-amplitude sinusoidal magnetic fields generator created for this research. The system is controlled by computer and allows for an independent control of up to 10 induction coils inducing magnetic fields with amplitudes from 0.1μT to 150μT and frequencies from 0.1Hz to 100Hz. The proposed set-up was used during the growing seasons for strawberry plants stimulation. An increase in the extract level was observed in the case of the alternating magnetic field stimulation with the parameters: frequency – from 50Hz to 100Hz and amplitude – from 50μT to 100μT.

Key words: magnetic fields, strawberry, monosaccha-rides, firmness.

The magnetic field stimulation system applied on strawberry fruits

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes