Andrzej A. Stępniewski, Janusz Nowak

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Abstract. The work analyzed the effect of additional wraps on the number of layers and thus the tightness of the material under protection. It was assumed that all the overlaps of each two consecutive wraps are the same, and each additional wrap causes the same increase of all the tabs. The mechanical properties of the film and its dimensions were taken into account. We have written our own simulation program that allows us to calculate the percentage of a given number of film layers on the side of the bale and the visualization of the distribution of layers in its cross-section. Calculation examples have been provided. Conclusions and suggestions resulting from the obtained simulation results have been formulated.

Key words: baled silage, cylindrical bale, stretch film, tightness, mathematical model, simulation model.

The effect of additional foil wraps on the tightness of the packaging of bales

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes