V. Lypchuk, H. Vyslobodska

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Abstract. The article deals with the practical aspects of the prices formation of the mechanized services for households. The volumes of production of agricultural products by households in the dynamics were presented in the article. The manners of processing of land and the ratio of their shares were represented. The data used by the authors of the sociological survey were received to identify trends in price changes for mechanized agricultural services. On the basis of the conducted questionnaire survey, the analysis of changes in the price and cost of the main types of mechanized services consumed by households in the process of agricultural activity, the approaches and motives of service providers to the formation of their prices were studied, the reasons for the deviations of actual prices for mechanized services against substantiated. The factors of choice of buyers of agricultural agricultural services were filed. The calculation of prices for agricultural agricultural services according to the complexity of their implementation was carried out. The determinants of the price of production mechanized agricultural services were analyzed. The dynamics of the presence of tractors and combine harvesters in the farms of the rural population of the Lviv region is shown in this study.

Key words: households, agriculture, production mechanized services, services market.

The determinants forming prices for mechanized agricultural services for the households

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes