O. Mnykh, B. Hrechyn

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Abstract . The article considers the importance and aims of implementation of ecologistic strategy at an enterprise. The author analyzes the factors of harmful effect of logistic processes at an enterprise on industrial and natural environment. The place of logistics and ecologization processes at an enterprise and their interconnection were efficiently estimated. The figure of Green Supply Chain Model (GrSCM) at an enterprise was constructed. The contradictions between logistics and ecologization processes were revealed, which allows esteeming the real perspectives and obstacles in ecologistical strategy implementation.

Key words . Ecologistics of an enterprise, ecologization processes, green supply chain model (GrSCM), ecologistic strategy, sustainable development.

The detection and estimation of contradictions between logistics and ecologization processes for the ecologistic strategy implementation at the enterprise

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes