Ye. Burov, K. Mykich

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Abstract. In the article are described problems related to creation and maintenance of situational awareness systems. The definitions of concepts of situation and its identification are presented. An approach based on situational knowledge representation with ontological models is selected for attaining situational awareness in complex intelligent enterprise systems, where objects can be in several situations in the same time and some situations are defined imprecisely. Granular computing approach is used for reduction of situational knowledge management complexity. In order to work with situation defined imprecisely, rough set approximations are proposed for situation definition. The usage of mechanisms inherent to ontological modeling for situation representation and reasoning about them are also discussed.

Key words: situation, situational awareness system, ontology, situational assessment, granular computing, rough sets theory.

The approach of granular computing and rough sets for identifying situations

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes