Ye. Levus, O. Sivets

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Abstract: The quest is analyzed as an innovative learning method that provides the development of creativity, cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence of a person and meets teamwork that is especially important for IT professionals. The components and stages of quest-technology application are described. It is noted that the quest, in addition to the knowledge gained, gives students an understanding of the processes of group dynamics, behavioral patterns in the system of interpersonal relations. A quest-plan that has been developed can be used as a template for building quests. The example of components of the developed quest for students of the specialty Software Engineering with the specified features of each component is given. The proposed example can be used as a recommendation for constructing quests.

Keywords: quest; teamwork; group dynamic, software engineering; quest plan; information technologies

The Application of Quest Technologies in Teaching Students of IT Specialties

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes