О. Vasyljeva, I. Kuzio

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Abstract . For the first time the design equations for determining the structural components of cylindrical tooth gears of reduction units are improved allowing for the use of informational technologies (IT). On the basis of the equations obtained the optimizing mathematical model of the optimal synthesis of structural components of tooth gearwheels has been developed. For solving the optimizing model the Monte-Carlo method is applied. The structural parameters (quantities), obtained by the developed optimizing mathematical model, have optimal values with probability up to 0.95 under the conditions of necessary strength and production safety. The implementation of the optimization process is recommended at the design institutions for the design of the cylindrical reduction drives for different objects of mechanical engineering and into the educational process of higher technical educational institutions while studying theoretical matters, accompanied by the use of IT.

Key words : optimization, structural components of a tooth gearwheel, optimizing model, tooth gearwheel strength, gearwheel reliability.

"optimizing model"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes