. Tsmots, Yu. Tsymbal, V. Roman, D. Karpa

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Abstract. It is determined that monitoring system of energy consumption at the enterprises in Lviv region should provide the implementation of the following tasks: energy data collection on a real-time basis; integration and processing of information resources justifying energy consumption at both enterprise and regional levels; communication between regional authorities and entrepreneurs; quick access of regional authorities to the latest information on energy consumption; analysis of energy consumption dynamics, structure and industrial energy efficiency; short-term and medium-term predictions of energy consumption and energy efficiency of regional economy; daily energy audit of enterprises of the region; rapid identification and response to energy loss (accidents, damage, illegal use etc); working out the effective managerial decisions based on processing of large amount of information related to energy consumption. The structure of the system of energy consumption monitoring in Lviv region was developed. It consists of two subsystems – information and analytical ones. The technical basis of the information subsystem comprises wireless sensor networks ensuring energy data collection on a real-time basis. Analytical subsystem consists of energy data warehouse, ETL, OLAP, BI, Data Mining tools, prediction, visualization and decision support tools. The components of the analytical subsystem providing for visualization and evaluation of industrial energy consumption were developed.

Keywords: monitoring system, information subsystem, analytical subsystem, sensor networks, visualization, energy data, components.

"monitoring system"

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