Karol Tucki, Michał Sikora

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Abstract. This article present selected issued of the analysis of the computer modelling of the tiller’s sprocket with the Solid Edge ST software. The geometry presented in the article was prepared so that they may be used to perform simulation presenting the influence of the loads generated by the ground work on the distribution and values of the stress forces within the tiller’s sprocket – Finished Element Method. The analysis covered the sprockets subjected to the forces of: 200N, 400N, 600N, 800N and 1000N. Geometric models were developed based on the available catalogue materials and the Polish Standard PN+92/R-58051-1. The FEM analyses performed allowed suggesting solutions to optimise the whole geometry in terms of the strengths.

Key words: tiller’s sprocket, geometry, modelling, optimization, agriculture


an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes