O. Kuzmin, N. Shpak, N. Stanasiuk

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Summary. The aim of the work is to study spatial concentration of knowledge resources and innovative activity of management entities to determine types of innovative industrial clusters in Ukraine and levers of government control of the innovative development of industrial potential.
The foreign experience of innovative industrial clusters creating is analyzed and we define them as basic participants in the article. The model of innovative industrial clusters forming is worked out. The system of indicators of evaluation of the development level of intellectual and economic constituents is offered in order to distinguish innovative industrial clusters in Ukraine. The integral index of the intellectual constituent development is calculated and the ranking of administrative-territorial units is conducted by the mentioned index. The clustering of administrative-territorial units is conducted by the method of indistinct S-averages taking into account indexes of innovative activity, that characterize the state of the economic constituent development. The basic types of innovative industrial clusters are distinguished based on the comparison of levels of the intellectual and economic constituents development. It was defined that an important problem for Ukraine, that is necessary to overcome in the nearest perspective, is absence of the close collaboration among science and business structures. Creation of innovative clusters of the mixed type is considered as the modern basis of the industrial potential development that will assist to transfer innovations, to increase the competitiveness of spatial development and the national economy on the whole. The state, as the third participant of the cluster, should play the role of the regulator of this cooperation. The levers of the state stimulation of the industrial potential development on the innovative basis for certain types of innovative industrial clusters are offered in the article.

Key words: industrial potential, development, innovation, cluster.


an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes