Yu. Butsa

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Abstract. The search and recruitment of young ITspecialists, even students, can be improved by using information technology that would provide relevant information on the level of candidates’ skills. Creating such technology that contains electronic portfolios of student achievement validated by their teachers is an actual need not only for employers. Students are also interested in using such a portfolio to present their professional achievements, as well as to get information about current needs of the technology market. Teachers of educational institutions can use such information technology to maintain competition and motivate students. Such technology should enable quick search and display of information on students’ professional skills. While desining such technology, we should take into account needs of all kinds of users, i.e. IT-students, teachers, and employers. Using such technology, students should be able to create a portfolio which describes their knowledge and skills, the task of teachers is to verify the accuracy of the information, and employers use this system to find the specialists they need. The implementation of such technology using the website provides ease of use and easy access from any device that has access to the Internet. Such technology should also enable adding new types of skills because the number of new technologies is steadily increasing. The information technology of students’ web-portfolio should provide an intellectual search to enable relevant results both for ITstudents and employers.

Keywords: Web-portfolio, electronic portfolio, eportfolio, information technology

"information technology"

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