K. Yankovska

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Abstract. The research presents analysis of the technologies of conversion of bioenergy agricultural raw materials. Purchase of bioenergy equipment is impossible without investments into bioenergetics. Thus, there is a necessity to develop an investment project. The article defines main indicators for investment project assessment, i.e. net present value, internal rate of return, modification internal rate of return, discounted payback period, investment profitability index, and gives classification of investment projects. The works proves that, considering substantial differences of different kinds of energy products and ways of their obtaining, analysis of biomass conversion technologies should be made separately for each kind of it. It is confirmed that biogas is one of the most prospective energy resources, supplying improvement of ecological conditions of production processes. The author of the article argues reasonability to apply technologies of briquetting and pelleting of dry biomass. The research studies methodological approaches to determination of prime cost of a unit of energy of the main kinds of biomass conversion. It is proved that, comparing to traditional energy products, such as natural gas, stove fuel, petrol and diesel fuel, prime cost of the energy products, obtained by conversion of agricultural biomass, is substantially lower, proving economic efficiency and reasonability of the technologies application.

Key words: bioenergetics, biotechnologies, economic effect, prime cost, biogas, agricultural biomass.

"economic effect"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes