Yu. Kovalchyk, O. Govda

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Abstraсt. The model example is considered. In par-ticular, the system composed of four units of harvesting techniques is considered. The states of the correspond-ing system are being analyzed. The probability of state i is the probability of the fact that the system will be in the state Si in the instant t. The state probabilities can be found as time functions. For this the system of dif-ferential equations with unknown functions is obtained. The intensities of events flow appear in the system. They cause the rejection of unit i of harvesting ma-chines and the intensities of events flow after “finishing of repairing” of unit i of harvesting techniques. The in-tensities of rejections as time function are considered. The system is solved using numerical methods. The probabilities of finding the system in the discrete states are calculated. The tabulated solution functions and their graphs are given. It is shown how the probabilities of states depending on time change.

Key words: project management, configuration, discrete states, intensities of rejections.

"discrete states"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes