Roman Kuzminskyy, Igor Stukalets, Andriy Tatomyr

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Abstract. Based on statistical analysis of technical service companies we figured out some patterns of changes in the annual program of repair heads of cylinder blocks repairs of engines YaMZ-236 and the coefficient of variation of the daily batch of orders for repairs. We chose one technological station, which enables us to perform all the programs of repairs, and the duration of the process does not exceed one day. Due to the results of simulation modeling, the process of batches and service contracts for the repair of heads of cylinder blocks of engines YaMZ-236 we calculated the values of indicators for the guarantee-repair duration Tg: coefficient of the requirements satisfaction for warranty repair duration and average duration of overguarantee downtimes θ in different years of the technological station working (and, respectively, for different values of the reservation capacity) and for different values of TG (and, respectively, for different values of the time- reservation) in the case of both direct (FIFO) and reverse (LIFO) order of execution. Based on statistical analysis of the results of mathematical modeling we determined the dependencies expectation for different priority of order fulfillment. Calculations of total costs were done, directly related to the technological costs for repairs and payment of penalties for violation of the order fulfillment of guarantee repair duration TG. Analysis of total dependences of the values of cost reservation capacity  made it possible to study the rational order of execution of orders for different values of the duration of warranty repair TG.

Key words: cylinder heads of cylinder block engines, incoming flow of orders for repairs, warranty duration of repairs, factors and criteria for compliance.

"cylinder heads of cylinder block engines"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes