О. Fursa, А. Gyrenko, А. Cheremysinova, A. Sheikus

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Abstract. Solving a problem of building the automatic control system of the industrial rubber article technological process by means of modeling software is one of the essential parts of providing the technological effectiveness. The work concerns the problem of application of the method of the nonparametric identification of a nonlinear dynamic control object for the process of modification of crushed vulcanized rubber. This process is an explicit nonlinear and nonstationary system of control parameters. The application of this method allows to obtain reliable information on an object without difficult computation, and the reliability of the method is corroborated graphically and with the computation. Depending on the degree of complexity of an object this method can be deterministic or probabilistic, can describe only time development, only spatial development or time-spatial development of an object. The influence of the process type on the identification results was analyzed in the work. Therefore, the task of increasing the quickness of information selection about the object is still a topical problem for the non-parametric identification. Conclusions about a possibility of activation of the identification procedure were made. The elaborated algorithm allows to apply it for other technological processes with self-adjusting systems when the condition of quasi-stationarity is fulfilled.

Key words: control object, identification, adaptive control system, crushed vulcanized rubber, modification.

"control object"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes