J. Wawer, M. Bilek, S. Sosnowski

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Abstract. The work presents a simple electronic device that helps to monitor the basic parameters of the reverse osmosis (RO) system during the concentration of birch tree sap. The construction costs are low (around 150 Euro) but the functionality of the device is high. It has an in-build two channel conductometer and can measure the volumetric flow rate of two streams of liquids. The collected data are transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to a PC computer. The new data acquisition system can help to monitor the work of RO apparatus in standard conditions or in the research and development works. It provides essential data for the process modeling and economic aspects analysis of birch sap concentrate production.

Keywords: data acquisition, microcontrollers, birch tree sap, reversed osmosis, new technologies

"birch tree sap"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes