O. Kuzmin, R. Kostsyk

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Abstract. Scientific literature considering modes and methods of enterprises innovative products commercialization was analyzed in the article. Also authors’ opinions about commercialization of innovative products by manufacturing companies through using the products for own needs were described. Based on the information from the studied literature and statistical data was concluded that the most appropriate and most popular method of commercializing innovative products by machine-building companies is using the products for the needs of the company (for internal needs or for product sales). However, this method has significant advantages as well as partial disadvantages expressed in certain risks occurring during commercialization process implementation. To provide clearer understanding of these issues the article describes the special features of the aforementioned method in accordance with business objectives and conditions of use in the enterprise.

Key words: commercialization, innovative products, modes and methods of commercialization, self-commercialization, machine-building companies

Specifics of self-commercialization of innovative products by machine-building companies

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes