Kateryna Vasylkovska, Olexiy Vasylkovskyy, Olexander Anisimov, Natalia Trykina

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Abstract. In the article we provide the new design of pneumatic sowing machine with peripheral cells on the seed disk and a passive device for removing extra seeds with inertia method for precise seeding of cultivated crops. A series of studies was proposed for sugar beet seeds sowing device, we defined the influence of dilution in a vacuum chamber of sowing device and angular velocity cell seed disk on the cells filling factor. The design of the new pneumatic sowing machine can significantly reduce the vacuum in the system having increased the angular speed in cell seed disk to the values of seeding device travelling speed, thus provide a constant point of seeds drop from the seed disc at the same trajectory of their flight to the furrows and the qualitative cells filling. To determine the rational parameters and modes of sowing device we used method of multifactor experiment planning. We determined the main levels and intervals of varying factors for sugar beet sowing along with determining the filling factor of cell seed disk. With application of package Statistica 6.0. for parameter optimization – cell seed disk filling factor was constructed response surface and line of even output.

Key words: pneumatic seeding machine/device, seed disc, experiment, cells filling factor, dilution, cells angular speed

Researches of pneumatic sowing machine with peripheral cells location and inertial superfluous seeds extraction

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes