M. Dziubinski, A. Drozd

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Abstract. The article present proposed diagnostic procedures of the EDC 1.2.9 system made it possible to carry out tests and compare the results with the results provided by the manufacturer. As part of the research prior to diagnostic tests, verification tests of Siemens and Bosch pumps were carried out. Experimental study, test procedures making it possible to check particular elements of the EDC system were developed. The developed research program included the fuel system and tests were conducted for: the air intake system, engine sensors, vehicle sensors, the exhaust fumes emission system, transmitters and system elements on the controller connection. The second system, which was subject to experimental testing, was the injection system Common Rail (CR), on which tests of three sets of injectors were conducted. The following values were recorded: engine rotational speed, driver injection dose, pre-injection time, fuel dose in the main injection, fuel dose correction, the adjustment of idle running for the first, second, third and fourth cylinder. The conducted diagnostic tests make possible to predict the state of particular EDC systems reliability.

Key words: electronic diesel control, common rail, injection dose, diesel fuel pump.


an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes