Ryszard Wolny

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Abstract. In this paper the technological process of movable and immovable pressure casting die insert of water pump executed in one of motor industrial plant was presented. Machining processes of casting die elements were described in detail. Individual operations and the process of machining parameters selection were characterized. Machine applications were generated for the virtual 3D model of movable and immovable die insert in Mastercam application operating in Windows environment. An attempt at modification of technological process for selected HSM-applied milling operations (high-speed machining) in Mastercam was made. As the result of modifications it turned out that machining time of rough milling operation has been reduced by almost 49% for movable die insert and by 29% for immovable die insert, which means achieving considerable savings.

Key words: water pump, pressure casting die, technological process, machine tools, HSM, modification.

Pressure casting die machining of the water pump body

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes