E. G. Busko, S. S. Pazniak, S. B. Kostukevich, L. A. Dudkina

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A b s t r a c t . Interest in renewable energy sources (RESs) has been growing all over the world in recent years. The market for alternative energy resources is quickly growing in Western Europe and in Asia. The development of renew able energy is caused by two major factors, one of which is an environmental requirement. Its importance increases from the legislative point of view and from the conditions accepted by the Convention on Climate in December 1997. The second requirement concerns energy production capacity. According to this requirement the preference is given to production forms which can be created and developed quickly. The development of RES in many cases is closely connected with the maintenance of energy safety of the country, infl uencing its sovereignty and independence.

Key words: renewable energy sources, alternative energy sources, Belarus

Perspectives of the use of renewable energy sources in enhancement of environmental and energy security of belarus

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes