Myroslav Oliskevych

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Abstract. This research is devoted to the problem of information flows of logistic system of goods supplying. Information messages appear at moment of material flows which should be consider as discrete one. It gives an ability to research all changes that can occur to input material flow. Moreover, it makes a possibility to obtain analytic dependence of showers of effectively of system from parameter of information and material flows interaction. Logistic chain was first decomposed on four basic logistic operation such as distributing, unitizing, breaking up, speed up. Three parameters were used to characterize them. All that parameters depend of main flow of goods, packets, transport packets. The principle of solid material flows was applied. Then points of control were defined. It was researched two parts of main problem. First deals with a increasing material flows and consequences of logistic chain adopting after that. Second deals with an decreasing flow. Control of several ways of different changes of logistic schemas depends of existed information flows which may be sent at one of defined control point. The criteria of material and information flows interaction effectiveness is total time delay per unit. The principle of streamlining is just-in-time. Deviation of appointed moment of operation starting or finishing equals to additional costs. The result consists the dependence of total delay per unit from structure of information flows. It can be used as a condition of real logistic schema optimization.

Key words: logistic chain, material flow, information flow, time delay.

Optimization of information flows of logistic supply chain

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes