O. Kuzmin, N. Shpak, O. Pyrog

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Abstract . The article considers the research of sustainable development model of national economy of Ukraine at the modern conditions. Determine the structural changes of national economy of Ukraine at the period of 2001 – 2012. During the period from 2001 to 2012 increase of the share of economic activities of the sphere of immaterial production, while reduction of the share of economic activities of the sphere of material production. The lack of progress in the development and implementation of new technologies prevented the improvement of industrial competitiveness, which partly led to a deep structural crisis and drop in production. The share of type of economic activity in the structure of the national economy does not affect its importance for the development of national economy. The poor energy efficiency of Ukraine poses a serious threat to its economic security that results in a deformed structure of production and consumption, in the usage of old technology of production of energy and in slow implementation of energy saving technologies. For sustainable development of Ukrainian national economy at unstable modern conditions must improving public-private partnership in the field of energy efficiency are substantiated. Key words: economic model, sustainable development, structural changes, national economy, system of public administration, energy saving, Ukraine.

Model of sustainable development of the national economy of Ukraine: assessment of current state and prospects of development

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes