Mariusz Sarniak

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Abstract. The paper is an analysis of typical supporting structures of photovoltaic generators that are the most exposed to the effects of external factors such as snow or heavy winds. Various construction solutions used to minimize the destructive effects of environmental factors were presented. The installation recommendations, including the strength properties of construction materials, were also presented. The method of distribution of photovoltaic modules in the generator has been analyzed, depending on the geographical location of the installation and the type of modules used. The theoretical analyzes will allow for the optimal design of the strength of the supporting structures, taking into account also the cost criterion, which is important due to materials used for this purpose, most often aluminum and stainless steel.

Key words: photovoltaic, supporting structures, mechanical aspects, strength, corrosion

Mechanical aspects of designing of supporting structures for photovoltaic generators

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes