Roman Shmyh

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Abstract. In this paper, the method of determining the stress-strain state of reinforced concrete beams at the simultaneous action of the aggressive medium and the load on the basis of the discrete representation of the of concrete and reinforcement-beam structures using the diagrams with the help of a computer is considered. The proposed methodology allowed to simulate the work of reinforced concrete beams at all stages of loading, including destruction. At the same time, at each stage of loading, deformations and stresses in concrete and reinforcements are obtained along the entire height of the section and along the length of the beam. The method also allows to take into account the previous tension in the valve, which takes place in the manufacturing stage. In addition, it enables to simulate the formation and development of normal and inclined cracks, the beginning of the destruction of reinforced concrete beams, determine their bearing capacity and bends. Performed with the help of the proposed methodology, calculations of experimental models of reinforced concrete beams demonstrated a good coincidence of results.

Key words: reinforced concrete beam, stress-deformed state, hypothesis of plane sections, aggressive environment, corrosion.

Mathematical simulation of the stressed-deformed condition of reinforced concrete beams in simultaneous influence of aggressive environment and loading

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes