V. Didukh, M. Polishuuk, I. Turchyn

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Abstract. The article discusses the process of grind-ing of the solid aggregates of the lacustrine sapropel based on the model of mechanics of deformed solid body. As the result of simulation the initially-final prob-lem on theory of elasticity is solved by the method of integral transformations. The research presents a numer-ical description of the tensed and deformed states of the solid aggregates of sapropel in dependence with the rates of loadings and geometric parameters. It discov-ered space and time distribution of the main tangent stresses influencing sufficiently the process of destruc-tion and degree of the given material grinding.

Key words: theory of grinding, dynamic problem, shock load, integral transformations, main tangent stress.

Mathematical simulation of the saprapel grinding by means of the shock loads

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes