L. Tysovsky, V. Stepanyshyn

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Abstract . The paper focuses on the mathematical models for the study of occupational injuries at the enterprises of the State Forestry Committee of Ukraine over a period of ten years. The major conditions and causes of the accidents have been indicated. The relationship between individual pairs of variables that influence occupational injuries has been determined on the basis of correlation and regression analysis. The correlation dependences of the frequency of occupational injuries on individual factors have been obtained. Using the methods of multifactor analysis, the relationship between the number of injuries and workers’ occupations as well as types of works has been established. The results obtained can be used for enhancing the efficiency of safety measures at the enterprises of forestry with the aim of reducing the rate of injury.

Key words: occupational injuries, correlation and regression analysis, methods of multifactor analysis.

Mathematical models for occupational injuries analysis at the enterprises of the state forestry committee of Ukraine

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes