Andriy Zdobytskyy

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Abstract. A new solution of scientific and applied problems of forage provision efficiency was worked out, it is based on the process of optimization of hay bale polymer wrapping tape, physical and mechanical properties of the polymer tape, in particular rheological one having a significant impact on process efficiency and constructive – technological parameters of the wrapping machine. An analytical modeling of technological process of a bale sealing by a polymer tape was carried out, a patterns set of parameters and equation of polymer tapes state depending on the environmental peculiarities was defined. It was described the mode of strainedly state of the polymer tape in order to determine the speed of unwinding and change of the tape length of allowable deformation, uniaxial strain modulus, the wrapper carrier radius and angular velocity. The conditions of stability of a roll was solved numerically by taking into consideration the deformation of the polymer tape depending on uneven Ωpulling force. A graphical dependance on the speed of unwinding of polymer tape υs from deformation and angle φ is shown and it is determined that it should be in the range of 0.5 to 0.7 m / s. I also tested an adequate set of theoretical positions developed using techniques and equipment with software complex of virtual instrumentation created by LABVIEW. This allowed generating and measuring the actual output signals and recording the results. I experimentally investigated the patterns of creeping kernel parameters change co and γ the resolvents for integral equations of polymeric tapes state and found their dependance on the ambient temperature.

Key words: deformation, strain, polymer tape, speed of unwinding, mobile platform.

Mathematical modeling and research results of the strainedly state of polymer tape in the sealing tape rolls

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes