P. Zhezhnych, A. Shilinh

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Abstract. Rapid pace of technological progress puts higher education institutions (HEI) tasks that require them not only quick reaction, but also the ability to work ahead. Higher education institutions, that formulating a proposal for educational specialties, are oriented towards the market of educational services, but not always take into account the demand for them among potential consumers of these services and their interests. The process of planning the provision of educational services for the HEI is an important aspect for its effective performance in the educational services market. Consequently, the purpose of this work is to formulate linguistic approaches to planning the provision of educational services in HEI, which taking into account the peculiarities of the formation of demand and proposals for these services. The factors influencing the formation of demand for educational services and proposals for their implementation are analyzed in this paper. Identification the motivational intentions of potential university entrants in the educational Web communities’ posts is also contained in the article.

Keywords: higher education institutions, linguistic approach, educational services, qualitative contingent, specialty.

Linguistic approaches the planning of educational services in higher education institution

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes