V. Smolinskyy, S. Smolinska, Z. Homka

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Abstract. The efficiency of production of agricul-tural enterprise in the Carpathian region of Ukraine is provided in the article. The main indicators of agricul-tural enterprises efficiency in the Carpathian region of Ukraine and in Ukraine are done. The evaluation of the efficiency of land use by the enterprises is separately analyzed on the basis of the analysis of gross output per unit of agricultural land. With the help of software the efficiency dependence from the parameters of land use by agricultural enterprises of Carpathian region is ana-lyzed. Proved that the cause of the low efficiency of ag-ricultural enterprises activity is their lack of land.

Key words: agricultural enterprises, agrarian sector of economy, the efficiency, the land use, statistic analysis.

Innovative approaches towards the analysis of the dependence of production efficiency on the parameters of agricultural enterprises land use

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes