Dariusz Lodwik, Jerzy Pietrzyk

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Abstract. The article presents an assessment of the influence of the operational wear of selected types of pressure flat-stream nozzles on the quality of spraying. The results of the unit outflow rate and the CV index of the transverse distribution of the liquid for the field beam equipped with the tested type of nozzles were assumed as the measure of the grades. The tests were carried out for three types of nozzles with various operational wear. The measurements were carried out on automated spraying test stands. The tests of the unit intensity of the liquid outflow consisted in determining the conversion flow rate from the nozzles and comparing it with the nominal intensity. On the other hand, the transverse irregularities of the fall of sprayed liquid included the determination of the spray irregularity index for the nozzles at three different heights of the beam over the sprayed surface. On the basis of the analysis of the test results, it was found that the increase of the outflow rate for individual nozzles caused by their operation has a significant impact on the increase of the CV index of the spraying beam composed of the appropriate number of tested nozzles.

Key words: nozzle, spraying; laboratory stand, outflow rate, unevenness of transverse distribution of liquid, CV index.

Influence of operational wear of selected nozzles on the unit outflow rate and transverse distribution of the sprayed liquid

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