Bogdan Saletnik, Marcin Bajcar, Grzegorz Zaguła, Maria Czernicka, Czesław Puchalski

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Abstract. The paper presents findings showing the influence of amending soil with biochar and biomass ash on the germination rate of Virginia mallow. Comparative analyses examined the relationship between the applied dosage of the natural fertilizers and the effectiveness of seed germination as well as mass of the plants at the initial stage of growth. The obtained plant material was also examined for the contents of selected macro-elements (phosphorus, potassium and calcium). The study shows that biochar applied as a fertilizer, at specific dosage, may enhance germination rate of Virginia mallow seeds. Addition of biomass ash into the soil, at certain doses, significantly impacts the growth of mass in Virginia fanpetals at the initial stage of development. It has been determined that addition of biochar, or biomass ash or their mixtures into the soil alters the concentration of phosphorus, potassium and calcium in above-ground parts of the plants.

Key words: Virginia mallow, germination rate, biochar, biomass ash, macroelements

Influence of biochar and biomass ash applied as soil amendment on germination rate of Virginia mallow seeds (Sida hermaphrodita R.)

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