J. Gorzelany, N. Matłok, M. Dziura, G. Witek, D. Migut

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Summary. The essence of the seed preparation process is the treatment of seed to protect plants against soil pathogens or seed-borne pathogens, as well as against pests attacking plants. Seed fertilizers are mineral fertilizers containing nutrients that, when applied to seed during seed preparation, become readily available to the developing root system during germination and initial plant growth. The purpose of this work was to evaluate the effect of Dr Green Prime seed fertilizer on energy and germination ability of wheat. Within the work wheat seeds in 5 variants were analysed, e.g., with the application of Dr Green Prime seed fertilizer, seed dressing A and fungicide A. The most kernels have germinated in the variant that has been treated with seed dressing A and Dr Green Prime. Only a small level of mould infestation or absence of the infestation was observed for seeds treated with seed dressing A. Aside from germination energy, ability and the level of infestation with moulds, the cotyledons and roots were weighed 12 days after the start experiment. The greatest mass of cotyledons and roots was observed for treatment with seed dressing A and Dr Green Prime 5.5 and 1.7 g, respectively.

Key words: fungicide, kernels, seed dressing, seeds.

Impact of Dr Green Prime Seed Fertilizer on the Germination Energy and Ability of Wheat Seeds

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