Denys Zagirnіak

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Abstract. The amount and profoundness of market reforms convincingly testify to extensive qualitative transformation in the field of higher education of Ukraine. Effectiveness of promotion along the way of reforms has provided the necessity for determining the coordinates of the state of Ukrainian higher school in relation to classical models of higher education and contemporary tendencies of development of the world educational space. Government bodies and social institutes in Ukraine tried to create conditions for civilized business in the field of higher education. At the beginning of reformation higher education operated according to the continental model. Transformation of relationship at the level of principles inevitably caused changes in Ukrainian society on the whole. The Atlantic model was chosen as a development vector but, due to inertia, Ukrainian higher education did not attain complete conformity with this model. Reformation results indicate that withdrawal of Ukrainian higher education from the continental model will take a lot of time.

Key words: higher education, reforms, Atlantic model, continental model, higher educational establishments.

Higher education in Ukraine: search for development models

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes