O. Skybinskyi, N. Solyarchuk

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Abstract . In the article the main results of a survey conducted by the authors in Ukraine were considered. Some results of the survey have been compared with data of similar surveys that have been conducted abroad. The basic characteristics of average statistical Ukrainian freelancer, including the e-lancers distribution by gender, level of education, and the distance between their residence and the nearest big city have been considered. Also, according to the survey, the distribution of Ukrainian freelancers by types of activities and gender has been done. The structure of Ukrainian freelancers by the way of freelance combination with other types of activities has been determined. Distribution of working hours by gender of Ukrainian freelancers has been done.

Key words : freelancer, freelance, online job boards, the market of freelance services.

Freelancers in Ukraine: characteristics and principles of their activity

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes