H. Matsiuk, A. Rzheuskyi, N. Kunanets, N. Veretennikova

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Abstract. The role of branch information retrieval thesaurus for improving and increasing the effectiveness of information support of scientific research, carried out using the technology of selective dissemination of information, is analyzed in the paper. The selective dissemination system provides both individual and group information needs, as subscribers can be individual users as well as a group of users, namely scientific teams and virtual scientific teams whose members can be geographically distributed. Within the scientific team, subgroups can be formed engaged in research of different directions of their subject area. The information retrieval thesaurus is considered as a language model of a particular subject area. The development of information technologies creates the possibility of information modeling of a narrowly specialized subject area and data presentation in the form of thesaurus, which is a hypertext that reflects the hierarchically organized semantic structure of a specific subject area.

Keywords: search queries, thesaurus, narrowly specialized subject area, information support, scientific research, selective dissemination of information

Formation of Search Queries Based on Thesaurus of Narrowly Specialized Subject Areas

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes