N. Fihun, O. Biloshevska

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Abstract . The article investigates improvement of the supply chain according to the requirements of nowadays, particularly impact of natural disasters. The main role in this process is given to humanitarian logistics. The phases of the disaster and the actions of humanitarian supply chain during these phases are analyzed. It is very important to understand in which cases more appropriate using particular type supply chains. From this point of view authors analyzed the main differences between commercial and humanitarian supply chains. The most important role in the supply chain during the crisis situations played humanitarian organizations. For the purpose of comprehensive understanding peculiarities and involve members were identified main participants of humanitarian supply chain. The ranking of donor countries that are in the top 10, and examples of humanitarian operations and logistics companies in the aftermath of disasters are shown. Authors analyze usage of model of disaster management by logistics companies and humanitarian organizations in different disaster stages. The main advantage of proposed approach is getting clear criterion which arises during the recovery phase of the disaster and enables logistics companies, humanitarian organizations and the military to integrate their efforts and logistics performance, and adapt them to the specific needs.
Key words: humanitarian logistics, natural disaster
relief, humanitarian supply chain, donors, international
humanitarian organizations, logistics companies.

Features and prospects of logistic humanitarian approach to the formation of the supply chain

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes