О. Vasyljeva, I. Kuzio

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Abstract. For carrying out experimental research a proving stand with closed power flow was designed. For the determination of oscillation process parameters (amplitude and frequency) the devices with input signals from strain sensors were used. Planning the experimental research and mathematical treatment of the results obtained was performed with the use of a full factorial experiment. The results of the experiment allowed for obtaining a nonlinear mathematical model for determining the oscillation amplitude and the amplitudefrequency characteristic of gear box oscillations (first harmonic). It then is used for determining the harmonic of the oscillating process caused by the inaccuracy of a tooth operating profile, which influences the smoothness of gear operation. The dependences taking into account internal and external dynamic loads from oscillating processes during the calculations of teeth gear hardness were obtained.

Key words: proving stand, oscillating processes, measuring equipment, full factorial experiment, amplitude-frequency characteristic.

Experimental research on the influence of the production quality of tooth operation surfaces of cylindrical gearwheels and torque on a gear oscillation amplitude

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes