O. Melnyk, N. Syrotynska, A.Didyk

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Abstract . Forecasting of successful implementation of innovative product is the crucial element of decision making process. The purpose of forecasting innovative product realization is to define probable commercial level according to consumer demand. This article highlights the necessity of evaluating the commercial prospects for innovative products. It reviews the most popular methods of assessment of commercial prospects of the innovative products and reveal main drawback of them. The results show, that approaches to commercial prospects assessment for innovative products enables enterprises to go beyond the solely understanding of customer needs, thus enabling them to develop new way of. The authors argue for the improving procedure to assess the commercial prospects through innovative product rating Rankings innovative ideas. It is based on the following criteria’s: level of product uniqueness, level of satisfaction of the consumers’ hidden needs, value of the market segment, expected life cycle, products price, quality level, products design, service, amount of marketing costs, expected rate of innovation profitability. The proposed rating method of assessment of innovative products commercial perspectives would enable engineering enterprises to determine the most successful innovative ideas and to timely reject the ideas predestined to fail. Obtained results due to ranking also help enterprises to overcome barriers, associated with innovation commercialization. At the same time this method can be a start point for marketing innovation.

Key words: innovation, commercial prospects, rating.

Evaluation of commercial prospects for innovative product machine building enterprises

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes