M. Hoshko

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Abstract. The problem of energy saving resources is now very urgent. Reducing the lighting electricity consumption through the introduction of advanced technologies is one of the most effective ways. The main method – the replacement of incandescent lamps with LED lamps, since the light output of the latter is 5-8 times higher. However, LED bulbs are only becoming widespread, as most products entering the Ukrainian market are of low quality and of high cost. Also, the frequent phenomenon is the submission by producers of false information about the characteristics of the lamps. There fore, we decided to experiment with the light bulbs available in the market of the western Ukraine.
Many people think about changing the traditional incandescent lamp-lamp to some thing more perfect, since the prices for electricity are constantly growing, because their efficiency is very low and is only 5%. Among alternative way so flighting, halogen lamps are one of the options.

Key words: LED lamps, light output, lighting.

Energy supply under conditions of energy deficiency – use of the security electric LED lamps

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